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XENOMORPH is the follow-up to XENOCIDE's debut album "Galactic Oppression". It is the precursor to their sophomore album which is currently being written.

XENOMORPH deals with a protagonist who is a test subject for military intelligence following first contact with an alien race. The human elite and ruling powers keep this information from the general public and use human test subjects to see how alien technology affects humans, in particular portals or point-to-point jump technologies.

As our protagonist steps through the portal his torturous journey begins. He is gruesomely transformed into a xenomorph as human D.N.A. intermingles with alien D.N.A. to create a random creature.


Recorded @ Rain City Recorders (Vancouver) ~ January 2012

Written/Arranged/Tracked by XENOCIDE

Engineered/Edited/Produced by Curtis Buckoll
Mastered by Stu McKillop




Bestowed gifts, from the heavens
transforms our World overnight!

Population decreasing, enigma inherent system.

Edge of epiphany, final endeavor, sacrificial subjects.

Promises of Freedom. Teleportation.
Lies built on top of lies.

Momentum and position are impossible to detect
One or the other choose wisely as the next few steps matter.

My second-self on the other side of the hole staring back at me.
Fear rises sharply as my body dissolves into nothing.

Emergence on the other side, transposed energy.
Vision in the place of smell overwhelming my brain.
Reassembly done in error, twisted sense of pain.
Digestive tract hanging out for all of Science to see.

Xenomorph: missing limbs.
Particles obeying entanglement.

Cross-bred, through time and space.
D.N.A. mixing with other other-worldly things.

Seconds to live, air is poison.
Cannot breathe, lungs start to malfunction.

Slow demise, strange new realm.
The pain above all else a reminder of once being Human.

Cannot move, crippling pain.
Men of Science fascinated.
By my disgusting shame.
Sulphur Oxide pumped in.

Forced to breathe and live on.
Let me just die in peace.
Every face etched into my fading memory.

Betrayed in the name of Science.
Concentrated gravity into a single point.
Portal established in haste.

Step on through to seal your fate.

Xenomorph x4

Dark Age of Technology begins!



released October 19, 2012

Zenon Shandro - Bass Guitar
Sean Leask - Guitars
David McGrigor - Percussion
Tabreez Azad - Guitars / Vocals


Lyrics by T. Azad
Originally written in Guitar Pro [2010]




all rights reserved


Xenocide Vancouver, British Columbia


Zenon Shandro - Bass
Sean Leask - Guitars
David McGrigor - Percussion
Tabreez Azad - Guitars / Vocals

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