Galactic Oppression

by Xenocide

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Bringing with them Armageddon from another world, Xenocide's debut concept album deals with the inter-dimensional beings known as the "Deadfall" who are on a hellbent quest to conquer the Galaxy and ascend to the 12th dimension.

"I stumbled across Xenocide’s Galactic Oppression album purely by accident – like a small spaceship running into some random object in [the] far off, remote galaxy of the internet. But this is no space junk – this debut full length contains a wealth of captivating technicality, memorable song writing, and stellar musicianship." -

"Lyrically, musically and artisticly, Xenocide are a band thats is a breath of fresh air. Their debut recording "Galactic Opression" is a fantastic showing of everything thats right with the technical metal scene. " - Total Deathcore

"Galactic Oppression is built on a foundation of monster riffs, lightning-fast tempo shifts, and surprisingly-understandable guttural vocals." -

Written in the summer of 2010, many changes have been applied to the core eight tracks however the essence still remains.

This album is beautifully mixed and produced thanks to the crafty Curtis Buckoll and is for fans of Origin, Dying Fetus, The Faceless, Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Amon Amarth, Aeon, Behemoth, Deeds of Flesh, Lamb of God, Gojira, and Nile.

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released January 16, 2012

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Michael Jakes - Vocals
Zenon Shandro - Bass
Sean Leask - Guitars
David McGrigor - Percussion
Tabreez Azad - Guitars / Vocals / Lyrics

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all rights reserved


Xenocide Vancouver, British Columbia


Zenon Shandro - Bass
Sean Leask - Guitars
David McGrigor - Percussion
Tabreez Azad - Guitars / Vocals

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Track Name: 01) I, Warning
1. I, Warning

Endless cycles sleep gently.
Nothing but dark.
Sensors bring me back to life,
a discovery worth my time.

Humans? Organic Life?
Breach of the Galactic Law!
My creators sleep in eternal strife,
Their knowledge must be passed on.

Look to the fourth cluster of the Great Arm,
This is where Life first began.
From their home world they began to spread
the disease known as Death!

This warning sent forth from those before
told of the Deadfall's ways.
Now all but a few young races survive
doomed to meet their fates.

My fathers fought in the Great Wars of Time!
Three million years of knowledge purged!
I am a remnant, a relic, a weapon!
Use my databanks with utmost haste.

Outnumbered by a type three race,
Light-years nor parsecs no distance is safe.
The day fast approaches when you all will join
Your makers in the space that exists beyond Time!

Countless holes rip apart the canvas of Time!
Space becomes distorted as you watch in shock!
The Deadfall ships disperse then converge to herd the flock
Nothing can stop this Death Machine.

No diversions necessary for their cause.
Heartless force!
From the skies they fall!

Star after star collapse to meet their needs,
Your region of space becomes dark for all Time!
Track Name: 02) Space Rot
2. Space Rot

Infestation, malnutrition,
masses gather in hordes.
Hunger converts omnivores into cannibals.

Mothers feasting on their
offspring while fathers disgorge.
Extinction of reality
balance is restored.

The hive mind sparks,
its tendrils self aware.
Planetary conversion of mass energy and despair!

Feeding off our own flesh and blood.
Nothing can stop us from infecting our neighbouring stars.

The hive mind listens,
ignoring the millions of screams!
The undead and the living fighting in zero-G.

We were Asgard!
Now we are the Horde.
Cosmic winds among the stars,
Necropolis is born.


Science gone awry, horrid mistake!
Millions dead, souls raped.

Hot zones quarantined and cleansed,
more dead.
There's too much space.

Distances between the stars take years to navigate.
The hive mind and the Horde have all the time they need.
The Undead evolve and begin to propagate.
Sickening reproduction of their species conflate!

The Asgards created this monstrosity!
In pursuit of ascension and the harnessing of gravity.

You cannot stop an unstoppable force!
We were once powerful gods of the Norse.

Reckless use of nanotechnology!
Leads to severe evolutionary anomalies.

The cells they were meant to eliminate!
Instead replicate at an exponential rate.

To the stars We seed,
laying dormant with lust.
Learning that this sickness
known as Death is all we need.

The burning antimatter pumping through our veins!
A past life form emerges
from a million years of sleep...
Track Name: 03) Death from Orbit
3. Death from Orbit

Eight limbs fall down from the sky!
We bring with us Armageddon.

Fires will ignite and burn forever!
Charred remains of a gutted corpse.

No mercy, no remorse.
Killing and purging is all we know.

Melting flesh into the ground,
We will crush your puny world!


Bones misshapen with bludgeoning tools.
Mass eradication takes its toll.

Filthy bipeds are no more.
The arachnids will have total control.

Some of your kind we shall keep.
To be our slaves the shoes on our feet.

Once we gathered what we need.
Your star will collapse to ready our fleet.


Converting souls into meaning!

Death from Orbit! x4

Foolish humans!
Freedom from tyranny is just a myth.
The very same weapons
that promised you salvation have left you adrift.

Scorched is the surface,
your planet lays in ruin and dissonance!

And those who seek ascension must suppress
those who inherit intelligence!

Eternal beings never sleep,
they keep the fires burning.
The Matriarch of Sorrow:
the flagship of our fleet is returning!

From the void that stretches from our home
To the endless sea of stars.
Bringing with them brand new souls
The end result: Death from Orbit!
Track Name: 04) Remnants of Organics
4. Remnants of Organics

Pathetic beings believing in life after death.
There are no thoughts in the abyss!

Biological process convert and redistribute.
Seeds of life viciously renewed.

A scorched world that once harboured life,
nothing remains!
Remnants of organics!

Your quest for an answer has led you astray.
Manipulation of a few is all that it takes.

To set in motion your path to global decay.
Law of life dictates your inevitable demise.
Catastrophic effect leaves your planet in burning war.
Oblivious to the true intent of your existence.

A scorched world that once harboured life,
nothing remains!
Remnants of organics

Your quest for a god has led you astray.
The time has come;
Initiate doomsday.

Sleep, your world is ours to keep.
Dream, your lucid thoughts feed our Ascension Machine.

Your soul forever trapped in the gravity swell!
Your star holds you tight for eternity.
Our harvester will encompass your ravaged system.
Stellar core will collapse and you shall all be free....

To be culled!
Your thoughts molested beyond reason.
Enslaved to be a means to our Ascension.
Mental degradation leads to chaos.
Comprehension no longer a tangible thought!

Physical bodies are necessary,
organics and machines embrace to form a new entity.
To wage this war!
This Xenocide!
To conquer this Galaxy and exist outside of Time!

Probing your feeble minds.
No reaction! Instill new stimuli.
Your souls hold the key.
To free us from this wretched reality.

Minds ripped from mutilated
bodies rotting in the boiling surface temperatures,
you are begging for life!

We foresee the outcome of
every species that can become a sentience to
challenge our divine goal must die!

Satisfied we now move on,
activate the Time Shatter!
Many more systems to exploit
before our goals are met.

And we are ascended!
When we are infinite!

Dissemination of knowledge
the copying of a clone.
Entropy! These shards will never reform.

Align! Through the mastery of life.
Matter reassembles into intricate designs.

Given a purpose to carry out
the rest of your existence.

Pieces that make up the Galactic Death Machine.

Remnants of organics!
this is the epoch of Robotic Ascension.

Join us in the central machine
that forever will rotate this artificial galaxy!
Track Name: 05) Misanthropic Dreams (Instrumental)
(Instrumental) | No Lyrics
Track Name: 06) Galactic Oppression
6. Galactic Oppression

Echoes, drifting through space;
Free from the malice, distortion,
and everything that is organized thought.

Vast, dark energy reigns!
Weaponized and used....
Destruction envelops as extinction follows existence.

Bound to a strange dimension:
subservience or termination.
Negligent resistance from those who oppose!


Our kind: one mind,
We pursue the ultimate truth.
All sentient worlds are commodious
necessary tools for galactic control.

As our grip grows tighter,
Devolution takes place and more systems fall.
Through brutal oppression,
Conditioned by eternal war!

The time for harvest nears,
and Life shall bear no weight.

The search for equilibrium
shall balance this great plain

We will take control
and depredate your mother star!

One last glimpse of light
before everlasting dark!

Ruled by an unseen force.
Bred for galactic control.
Killed in order to serve.

We are the Deadfall; Octal and machine.
We are legion inheritors of this galaxy!

Keeper of the Fire, prime architect.
Destiny of quadrality universal subsistence.
How can you fathom what lays beyond?

Existence in eleven dimensions is an absurdity
to beings that resonate in four dimensional reality.

The colors and spectra,
incomprehensible shock and awe!
You cry out in agony
as our mother ship descends to cull

Weak and pathetic you tremble and ask us why?
We look down and all eight eyes vaporize what's left.

Our intent: Harvest souls for mass ascension
Shed ourselves of corporeal form
Track Name: 07) Forgotten Bloodlines and Empty Oaths
7. Forgotten Bloodlines and Empty Oaths

We wage a war against your kind.
Against your will you will be ours.
Our sacrifices will not be in vein.
Your bacterial existence is all that remains.

Burning corpses and gurgling flesh!
Your cities will fall, a coming distress.
Our oath was broken and now we must purge.
In blood your planet shall be submerged!

Forgotten bloodlines and empty oaths!
Your armies and sentience are no more.
Free are our brothers no more dreams,
we've instilled Galactic Law.

Forgotten bloodlines and empty oaths.
The blinding light that is our justice
our hammer perforates your burning world!

Hacking, slashing, ripping, bashing,
concentrated light emissions.
Putrid stench that is your carcass.
You pay the price for heresy!

You are blind in your own ways,
We are deaf to your repenting.
Your deeds are unforgivable.

Your kind is weak and fermenting.
Your kind is weak and dying.
Your kind is weak and you are burning.

Created then forgotten,
betrayed defaced and rejected!
Lifeless for all time.
Darkness envelops your ignorant minds.

Our fleet exits the place
located beyond time and space.
Orbital bombardment begins,
thousands of suns erupt on the surface!

Devices used to rape and
cultivate souls for indefinite storage.
Now it is your race that is betrayed
and forgotten.

The chains that enslaved shattered at last!
Our masters lay upon our feet.

The stars above await our fires,
nothing can stop us nor cause us defeat!

Forgotten bloodlines and empty oaths.
Two eyes that deceived us,
burned away and are no more.

A new reign begins.
Ethereal life for our taking.
History repeats.
Eight swords will enslave.
Track Name: 08) Xenocide (Self Titled)
8. Xenocide

Through dirt, metal, warmth and light
Hatred cold, killing all
those who live: euthanize

Severed, waging Xenocide
Amassing ships, knowledge gained
the stars our supreme domain

Pebbles in the sky like flies
The queen demands purging all
sentience; uniform

Any and all opposition
Crushed under our infinite might

Amalgamation of a trillion souls
Burning holes through space
and time, the divine

Dispersing from the galactic core
Innovate the machines
that will cause your defeat

Eons like sand for life to unfurl
Swept away, melting fast, rapid burn
millions of worlds

Eight swords wielded for every star
Obsolete flesh and blood
bringer of the cleansing fires

Polar energy gathered for war
Triple redundancy ensures maximum effect
Gravity and temperature always win
reducing entire species to charred remains

Xenocide what a beautiful sight
upon your worlds we rain

Entire legions invade your nations
with weapons that put you to your graves

Your bodies are useless containers for the meek
Your souls are what we seek

You fight us in three dimensions so weak
We rule all eleven plains

Souls gathered we power the machine
Limited our soul reserves, finite our energy

No more viable stars are left
to harvest from this galaxy

Our warships enter the dark matter void
We reach out to the fires that lay beyond
Billions of spirals to subdue our greed
Trillions of points of energy

Xenocide what a beautiful sight
upon your worlds we rain

Entire legions invade your nations
with weapons that put you to your graves

Countless generations lie ahead
massive migration to the heavens beyond

Novae burn with such intensity
never witnessed before